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NUBIUS worldwide

nubius worldwide

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Business activities

-NUBIUS specialises in reconditioning and repairing damaged tip tools .
-Since 1994 NUBIUS has established itself as a manufacturer of standard and special milling tools .
-We have offered a worldwide repair service since 1996.

Here is an overview of our wide range of repairs:

-Based on your wishes and technical needs, diameters, lengths and plate fits of the tip tools can be changed afterwards.
-hardening of centring spikes spikes or trailing and replacing of the carbide are possible.
-Reconditioning of worn-out parts on lathe chucks and turning jaws.

For engine construction:
-Ball bearing-based shafts with cartridge seats and plate fits
-crushed ball bearing seats
-damaged hub flange
can be completely reconditioned and renewed (maximum length 1400 mm). True running accuracy +/- 0.005 mm.

-Broaches, reamers and cutter bars with special length, even if bent, can normally be repaired and straightened.
-Side and face milling cutters up to a diameter of 1800 mm can be repaired.
-milling heads up to diameter of 800 mm, even with damaged bearing areas and central drilling, can be reconditioned.
-repair of various cams
-Touching up special cog wheels with broken and worn-out cogs or damaged location hole.
Special or standardised tool holding fixtures with non concentricity, damaged supporting surface, shank surface or pulling face can be repaired and adjusted. True running accuracy +/- 0.005 mm.

In transfer lines or conveyor belts, the loading systems can be repaired in cases of extreme wear and abrasion of the contact surfaces.

More examples of what we can repair

Deephole drills
Torn guidings at
Special helical end mills
Forming cutters
Chamfer mills
Multi station die
Multi point tools
Precision grind tools
Milling rings
Broaching tools
Touching up of shred knives
Honing tools
Short segment tools
Spherical cutters
T-slot cutters
Special cartridges
Almost any kind of special tools