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NUBIUS worldwide

nubius worldwide

Your competent partner

Represented worldwide,
At home in Baden-Wurttemberg.

NUBIUS GROUP Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH
Zillenhardtstraße 51
D-73037 Göppingen-
Voralb/ Industriegebiet ...more


Customer development


NUBIUS started out small.
Because of our reputation in repairing tip tools and manufacturing special tools , the satisfaction and the number of our customers hasconstantly increased.
Due to our high quality products and our technical developing we receive inquiries and orders from all over the world.

Today many metal filing businesses and companies worldwide work with NUBIUS precision tools.

That’s why NUBIUS supplies companies and businesses in key industries such as
- Automobile industry and its supporting industries
- Naval and aircraft industry
- Agricultural industries e.g. tractor manufacturers
- Truck and bus manufacturers

Our clients are small and middle-sized businesses as well as majorcompanies who have been convinced by the quality of our products.

The satisfaction of our customers is not only due to our products, but also to constant availability, on-site service and comprehensive support. These factors are just as important to us as producinghigh-quality tools.
We look forward to hearing from you and to welcome you as one of our customers.